#202: everything you see I owe to spaghetti

Truth is I don’t come from money but somewhere along the way I started liking nice things, like whole wheat pasta and brown rice and – dare I say it? – couscous.

I was reminded of this yesterday as I swiveled my hips freely and with concentrated sass in my first Zumba class in months…maybe a year. What I love about group exercise is that there is a corporate sense of energy, and if not energy then at least some guilt from everyone’s overeating. Let’s face it: this is America, overeating is a favorite pastime. We overeat like we check Facebook. Or as we check Facebook. Multi-taskers!

Group exercise also reminds me of back in the day (yes, I talk about back in the day now, I’m that old) when I used to be the instructor and I could boss people around AND get paid for it. I just feel like, because I got to tell people what to do and make them sweat AND GOT PAID FOR IT at the age of 19-21, well then my life has more meaning.

Speaking of meaning,  my mom is pretty much the hotness at getting dressed up, and she gets all puffy when I don’t wear mascara. Which is why I look like the mom in this picture and she’s the one wearing the hot pink pants. I just don’t have the blazing boldness (or small waist to hip ratio) to pull off pants like that, so I say “¡olé!” to my mother, because she is this.close to 60 years old and still shopping like, you know, your looks matter. ¡Olé, olé!


*The title I found in an “artpiece” in IKEA. Even I, EYE, am not that clever.

**I am going to start a category called “pointless but true.” Which, honestly, is more than you can say about most things on the internets.


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