this, my 24th rodeo

The conception of this post began with me thoroughly bothering the sweet barista at Starbucks (the only place open in this town after 6 pm on a Sunday, don’t get me started!) about the difference between an americano-misto and a decáf misto, which is obviously like the difference between the earth and Jupiter, so needless to say if it wasn’t for this great view of 4 older men reading their books/newspapers/stocks, I would be very on edge right now, so let’s all take a deep breath and remember: YOLO.

And since you only live once (this expression is so obvious it’s comical and annoying all at once) – well, you better make your 24th year THE BEST EVER. No pressure, silly.

And now that I’m 24, I’m alive and kickin’ on the ol’ Twitter, the Book (like a good neighbor, Facebook is always there), and actively using Instagram as the new Photoshop, because hello, Photoshop is expensive and confusing. I also got a grown-up job and I intend to work to live, but hopefully not live to work.

Props to Instagram. Insta-glam! Insta-awesome! Insta-frenz!


there is NO subliminal message whatsoever

When I was 18, I thought that by the time I was 24, I’d be President of the United States and if that didn’t work out I’d maybe be married (I was a lot thinner then) and if that didn’t work I’d just have an awesome blog. So now it’s clear which path I took. (What is that poem Frost wrote? The path less traveled is littered with blogs?) The Presidency seems overrated anyway. I mean living in a WHITE house,  ALL the time? You can’t pull that stuff after Labor Day.

So on this here birthday I am celebrating with Swarovski crystal earrings (by default, wearing Swarovski makes me officially trendy-elegant), gorgeous flowers, and the fact that I’ve made it to 24 with no regrets.*

Goals for my 24th year:

1. Visit someplace new (like a new city, not like a new public restroom)

2. Get accepted to a graduate school of decent repute. NOT high repute. I’m not snobby.

3. Live the normal Christian life, day by day, bit by bit.

4. Have a “green tea month” and do yoga. Publicize it. Massively.

5. Wear patterned scrubs that would make Florence Nightingale proud.

The possibilities are endless, but the years are not. YOLO, y’all.


My girl AC did this for me. This is why I’m friends with smart people.

*Regrets, I think, are just things you can do better next time.



One thought on “this, my 24th rodeo

  1. YOLO is so ridiculous. I still don’t understand why that got to be quite so popular. So this “great view of 4 older men reading” is what made this place “too nice to call me”? Wow. Ok. Fine. It’s not like you’re in a library. People talk in coffee shops. Though honestly, talking while you’re blogging probably would not have been very worthwhile. Heh. 😛

    “Work to live” and not “live to work” – props to that! Aaaamen sistah. Now if only I can get my life situated…

    And cute pic. Feeling a bit #jeals but luckily enough for me (and you), I’ve already friended you. Like forever ago. I almost can’t even imagine life without you. (Almost being the keyword here).

    Stop blinging around and showing off how cool you are. You make the rest of us look bad. (But no, I actually do want to see this blinging pic… #guilty #curious #curiousitykilledthecatnotme)

    Visit the east coast! 🙂 That’ll be a bunch of new cities!

    And I love scrubs. I wish I worked in a hospital mainly just for the scrubs. Also do you have a scrubs collection yet? Or are you still looking? (Pics of that too, please.)

    Cool pumpkin. Happy 24th salsa (for the 3rd time, but who’s counting?) !

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